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The #1 Community Rewards And Engagement App For Brands

Build Stronger Connections by rewarding your community

Through Your Own Branded Rewards Platform

The ACCESS community engagement app and platform is designed to let you connect with your audience directly. Whether you’re a brand, sports team, church or any community, ACCESS helps you get closer to your followers by building stronger connections through rewards, personalized communication, community and content. 
An own-brand app can become the home for all of your followers and a destination to direct your social media followers to.
Owning your own social communication channel puts you back in control of your brand’s community so you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Why Rewards Platforms?

We’ll send you a free PDF about how Access fan engagement rewards platforms can build your brand.

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With Your Own Rewards App

Rewards Platforms For Fans & Brands

Brand Building With Exclusive Rewards

Maintaining fandom in your brand is essential to growth. With your own rewards platform, you'll be able to offer discounts, special offers from over 700 retailers, events and experiences. All gated behind a subscription, Web3 wallet or company domain name.

Employee Or Customer Rewards

Companies can create their own branded community platform that enables direct communication with employees or customers and allows for the sharing of important information, updates, and multimedia. By using a community platform, organizations can build a strong sense of community and increase employee or customer engagement.

Entertainment Industry

TV shows, movies, and record labels can build strong connections with their fans by having their own branded community engagement platform. This leads to more personalized communication and exclusive content, resulting in increased revenue growth through merchandise sales and event ticket sales.

Specialist Print Magazine Companion

Using ACCESS to build a community around your specialist print magazine provides a space for subscribers to discuss, share and engage. Direct communication with subscribers offers valuable community tools and ad revenue opportunities.

Sports Clubs

By building a community with the ACCESS platform, sports clubs can connect with fans, gain valuable insights into their behavior, and maintain safety through secure user ID verification. This leads to a positive fan experience and higher revenue growth.

Church Communities

Churches can strengthen their sense of community by providing a platform for personalized communication, event updates, and important information even when members are not physically at church. By fostering stronger connections with your congregation, churches can increase community engagement and promote a greater sense of unity.

Extend Your Website's Interactivity

Website owners can create a more interactive and engaging community experience for their users. Users can share photos, videos, and comments in a controlled environment, allowing for more personalized brand communication in their own branded community engagement platform.

Live Events

Live event companies from music festivals to corporate events can use ACCESS to build community engagement among attendees, share event updates and photos, and create a sense of excitement leading up to the event. On the day of the event, the platform can be used for real-time communication where engagement enhances the overall experience.

Mobile advertising is expected to comprise of 76% of global digital ad spend by 2024.

74% of customer-committed retailers find that their customers are likely to share personal data, and 83% say they are likely to recommend their company's products and services.

73% of retailers plan to increase investment in their mobile app experience to impact digital commerce.

Key Benefits Of Rewards & Engagement Platforms

Own The Relationship With Your Users
Take control of your user integrations and engagement with 100% reach to each and every user.

Build Stronger Connections Directly
Establish deeper relationships with customers, followers, or members through personalized communication.

Drive revenue growth through merchandise sales and event listings
Increase earnings by selling merchandise and promoting events to audience.

Retain brand control and data with a white label app
Create and control a branded platform while retaining data and brand control throughout the user experience.

Own The Relationship With Your Users
Take control of your user integrations and engagement with 100% reach to each and every user.

Gain valuable insights into your audience
Understand audience behavior and preferences to improve engagement and sales opportunities.

Enhance Engagement And Build Community Together
Create a direct communication platform and share important information for engagement with your users.

Create A More Interactive And Engaging Experience
Improve interactivity with a community wall with media sharing of exclusive content for all users.

A community engagement platform is an online tool or software that facilitates meaningful interaction and collaboration between an brand, be that a sports team, music artist, church and any community driven brand and its community members. These platforms, also called fan engagement platforms are designed to provide a central, secure place for community members to come together, share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback on a specific topic. Unlike social media platforms, community engagement platforms provide first party data to a brand with 100% reach without advertising costs.

A fan engagement platform is all about fueling the passion of fans. It’s a digital space where fans of bands, sports teams, and more can come together to celebrate their love for what they support. It’s driven by fandom—the intense emotional connection fans have with their favorites. On the platform, fans get to actively participate, share excitement, and connect with others who share their enthusiasm. It’s not just about being a spectator; it’s about being part of the action. With a fan engagement platform, fans get to be heard, and their unique energy and creativity contribute to building a strong and vibrant fan community. It’s a win-win: fans get an amazing experience, and brands strengthen their bond with a loyal fan base.

Measuring fan engagement goes beyond just counting casual likes and followers on social media. It’s important to understand that not all followers are true fans. While followers may casually interact with content, true fans are deeply invested and passionate about the brand or entity they support. Fan engagement is about quality over quantity. To measure fan engagement effectively, brands should focus on meaningful interactions and behaviors that demonstrate a fan’s dedication and loyalty. These can include active participation in discussions, sharing of user-generated content, frequency and depth of engagement with brand content, attendance at events, and even brand advocacy. Metrics such as community growth rate, retention rate, and conversion rate can also provide insights into fan engagement. Ultimately, measuring fan engagement is about capturing the emotional connection and value that true fans bring to the brand, rather than just tallying numbers on social media.

The fan club app is designed to celebrate and amplify the passion of the fan community, allowing fans to be part of a vibrant and dedicated network. Ultimately, the app enhances the fan experience by fostering a sense of community, belonging, and loyalty, while also allowing the brand or entity to connect more intimately with their devoted fan base.

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